Destiny and Karma, a walkthrough

destiny karma

Karma and destiny

“Destiny”, We often hear from people that it can be changed and “Karma” is often treated to be our fate.How far is it true ? Can really destiny be changed with our actions ? What is fate ? What actually means karma and destiny ? Well, I’m not a spiritual person nor do I perform spiritual actions. Still, As far as I understand I would like to tell you one thing that “Karma Is Not Fate”. Fate is something beyond our control which is generally referred to the past events we faced or something in our present that’s not in our hands. 

Now karma, It’s something in our own hands. Something which we can perform and something which can be changed. Karma is just our actions. Karma is any work performed by us. It could be anything done consciously or unconsciously or subconsciously. It could be present or past. Any karma performed in the past can’t be reversed but the present karma can be changed and just like them their effects of karma. The effect of karma which is done in the past can’t be escaped while you can change your present life and future if possible by changing your present actions, That’s present karma.

Destiny is something that’s beyond our control. But each step of our lives is passing through destiny if you observe. Like growing up, which is not under our control. But it is also the unknown future that is called destiny. If you can change the future that makes you a strong person or a wonderful human being, maybe. Often we hear from people and read in great epics and Vedas that destiny can be changed. That’s exactly true. It can be changed through your Karma. Confused? 
Okay, I said Karma is just our actions and destiny is the future. The future is nothing but will be the effect of the actions you do in your present. So destiny can be changed through karma as you can paint your future with your own actions.

– Meena Sripada

Writer : Meena Sripada | Instagram



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